“After just 2 sessions with Lisa, hypnotherapy made me feel stronger inside. I felt more organised and was able to concentrate harder in maths.”

Jayden 14 Willagee

Effective Minds Hypnotherapy

Effective Minds evolved from a passion of wanting to help friends and family. Founded by Lisa Webber, a clinical hypnotherapist. She focuses on empowering children and teenagers .Having studied and worked for many years as a school teacher and university tutor, Lisa has a thirst for learning. She co-authored a series of textbooks which sold over one million copies. Throughout her adult life she has completed many personal and professional development courses, with a particular interest in health and wellbeing.

Her initial hypnosis training focused on traditional approaches to hypnotherapy. As a perpetual student, she continued to train in the field and expand her skills and knowledge. In her position as Training Officer for the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) , she was introduced to Strategic Psychotherapy. This way of working was not only more current and progressive, but also solution focused. It highlighted people’s strengths as well as building their skills. Strategic Psychotherapy has a preventive element that creates more lasting results for clients, so the emphasis of Lisa’s clinical work became increasing clients’ wellness, rather than just addressing symptoms.

Several years ago, Lisa began her work as a trainer in the hypnotherapy profession, delivering industry and Government recognised Hypnotherapy training across Australia.

For many years, Lisa has had an active and dynamic role on the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA), Australia’s peak body for hypnotherapy. She is also an HCA Registered Hypnotherapist, serving as the training officer on both of the hypnotherapy committees in Western Australia. Lisa is a recognised supervisor for these associations, and currently supervises approximately 60 psychologists, counsellors, social workers and clinical hypnotherapists, as a specialist for complex cases.

Currently, she holds registration as a Proffessional Clinical member of the PHA Inc and holds an Executive Committee position on the PHA Inc. committee.

— Lisa Webber, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Primary Years

Lisa has a strong background in Early Childhood therapy. With an extensive career as an early child hood teacher she understands the issues that are present in these early years.


Teenagers are in a difficult time. This is a common time for various difficulties, and problems, whether in school or socially Lisa has had great success with an extensive number of teenagers and young adults.


Family therapy is a great way to help your child through any difficult times. Lisa has always had a strong emphasis towards the family unit, and the benefits that forming cohesive bonds can have.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnotherapy allows for problems to be discussed and helped, without resorting to medication.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which positive suggestions are made to the subconscious mind, bringing about beneficial changes. You will feel peaceful as your conscious mind rests. This is the overly critical part of the mind which often prevents you from making the changes you wish to make.

The subconscious mind controls habits and other things that we do automatically. It is fueled by our emotions and imagination. The subconscious mind also contains memories of everything that we have ever experienced. During hypnosis, your subconscious mind is very focused, allowing learning to happen quickly.

Hypnotherapy is not about mind control. In hypnosis the mind is very receptive to new ideas and open to suggestions which encourage more sensible, balanced and helpful attitudes.

The number of sessions required varies from person to person however most people feel some benefit from hypnotherapy immediately and most make the changes they wish to make in only three to five sessions.

Lisa combines techniques from a range of hypnotherapies, from traditional direct suggestion, to regression and strategic psychotherapy delivering and individual and well rounded treatment. She takes pride in what she does and strives to achieve the best result for you and your family.

Our qualifications

  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Supervisor – Profession Hypnotherapists of Australia & Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Govt. accredited)
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy (Govt. accredited)
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Govt. accredited)
  • Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
  • Diploma of 5 PATH Hypnosis
  • Advanced Certificate of Hypnosis
  • Certificate of Hypnosis
  • NLP Practitioner
  • SleepTalk Consultant
  • Theta Healing: Basic & Advanced DNA
  • Theta Healing: Intuitive Anatomy

Our Services

Primary years

Children can demonstrate great benefits from hypnotherapy. Encouraging positive self talk, imagination and creativity, we are able to help your child respond more confidently to any difficult situations they may be having. Our head hypnotherapist, Lisa, has extensive experience as a primary teacher and early childhood specialist, helping her to understand the key issues and establish rapport.


Hypnotherapy for teenagers and young adults is a growing field with increasing success. It allows your child to speak to someone outside of the family, while also teaching them various methods of positive thinking and emotion management techniques. Lisa approaches the therapy of teenagers in a structured and informed way, allowing a personalised experience.


Anxiety is often associated with several other cognitive and behavioural adjoining issues. Much in the way that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy encourages positive thought recognition, hypnotherapy encourages relaxation, concentration and self-reflection. Anxiety often snowballs, hypnotherapy helps to manage your cognitive state and alleviate some of the symptoms, giving you a greater outlook.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Smoking is an addiction, and needs to be treated as such. Withdrawal symptoms, relapse, and self doubt are often the reasoning that people use to keep smoking. Hypnotherapy aims to frame the path to quitting by managing symptoms, and offering positive self-reflective exercises to reduce your cravings, and increase your self belief. We can get through it together.

weight loss

Weight loss is always difficult to achieve. Whether you have specific goals in mind, or just want to feel happier and healthier we can help. We strive to achieve manageable and permanent weight loss strategies. Loosing weight one week, then gaining it the next is something we all do. By focusing on techniques such as positive framing around healthy foods, meal time discipline and motivation we are able to have great success with a variety of patients.

Ask us how we can help you

At Effective Minds we have a great array of experience with a variety of issues, and a variety of treatment options and methods. Hypnotherapy is something that is very personal to us, and something we take great pride in. If you would like to discuss anything further, please give us a call. There is no obligation, just pick up the phone and say hi. We look forward to meeting you.

We always love to hear from you. If you feel that we can help, or you would like more information please contact us.

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Hear from other happy clients

Since my first hypnotherapy session with Lisa, I have been feeling a lot more confident at school. My Maths classes seem so much easier now and I’m actually starting to enjoy them. I feel much more relaxed, I think positively now and I am no longer anxious and worried about the day ahead.

— Tim 13 Kardinya

Thanks for hypnotherapy. I’m more relaxed and more concentrated. Thanks again for hypnotherapy.

— Ben 9 Mt Pleasant

Since my visits with Lisa, she has helped me improve certain things in my life that make me feel much better.

— Alex 16 Atwell

We would like to thank you for what you have achieved for our son, Ben. He has always been quite ‘highly strung’ so we have really noticed how much more relaxed he is since beginning hypnotherapy. We recommend ‘Effective Minds’ to anyone, whether they need specific help or just want to learn how to relax. Your kind disposition and professional manner will serve you well in the future.

— Parents of Ben 9

Our teenage son went to see Lisa about some fear and confidence issues and we are thrilled with the results that Lisa has achieved for our son. We thought that we would try hypnotherapy as everything else had failed and it really worked well for him. We would highly recommend Lisa and we thank her for helping our son.

— Parents of Alex 16

Frequently asked questions

Almost everyone can be hypnotised, however there are some exceptions. Hypnosis can only take place with your cooperation, as you are in control.
Yes, you will feel deeply relaxed, but not asleep. It feels like you are day dreaming.

No. Clinical hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis. Your mind is focused to enable you to make the changes you wish to make.
No. Before being hypnotised you will be asked for some background information. After that, most of the talking is done by the hypnotherapist.

No. As you are in control, should anything happen to the hypnotherapist you would simply come out of trance after a short time.

It is a safe method of helping people make desired changes. However, those suffering epilepsy or psychotic illnesses must consult with their medical practitioner prior to hypnosis.

Research has found success rates of 90% and higher for professionally conducted hypnotherapy.

$195 per session or $495 for three sessions (paid in full at the completion of the first session).
We understand that unplanned issues can come up and you may require to change an appointment. If that happens, we respectfully ask for at least 24 hours notice. If you miss your appointment, cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged $100. This policy will enable us to open otherwise unused appointments to better serve the needs of all clients.


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